July 18, 2024


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Putting the ‘Digital Version of You’ to work

Putting the ‘Digital Version of You’ to work

Who’s bought the far better do the job ethic in your business…

You’ (ie. in genuine lifetime) or the ‘digital version of you’ (ie. on the internet)?

I posed this issue at the the latest AREC meeting.

If most of your prospecting, marketing and direct generation action is executed in “real life” and in “real time” by “you” (ie. in encounter to confront or Zoom meetings or on the cellular phone) then you are leaving a enormous prospect on the table.

Since the ‘digital variation of you’ can be carrying out the lion’s share of the heavy lifting and absolutely free you up for the for substantial-value things!

If there’s no ‘digital edition of you’ then when you’re not operating, absolutely nothing is taking place.

How do I create ‘digital you’?
If you can consider the IP, knowledge and insights from your head and package them up as content like films, reviews, e-mail sequence, paperwork and content articles, then the ‘digital version of you’ is unleashed to get the job done 24/7 even while you are on getaway, asleep or spending time with family.

**For the document, “real time, real life” input from the real you is quite crucial especially when it arrives to closing promotions and making personal connections. So help you save that valuable time for the significant-benefit, superior-stakes interactions!

If “digital you” does not exist or isn’t pulling its body weight, you are generating it a great deal harder for your self, and your future clientele to get to know, like and belief you.

“Digital you” has the potential to outwork the “real lifestyle you”.

Additionally ‘digital you’ will help you in so a lot of approaches, so I encourage you to take into account how you can:

unpack your IP, understanding and insights and
bundle it up so that it supports your marketing, lead gen and gross sales initiatives.

Transform your IP and know-how into electronic belongings like:

Videos, webinar recordings, proposal wander throughs, content, templates, e-mail collection, schooling programs and many others.
Every single electronic asset you generate is an chance to set “digital you” to work!

I’m curious does this idea resonate with you?
(You should permit me know in the reviews)


Putting the ‘Digital Version of You’ to work

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