July 20, 2024


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Top Use Cases for Mixed Reality

Top Use Cases for Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality has come a long way and evolved since the very beginning. Mixed Reality was already cutting-edge technology when introduced and has grown leaps and bound ever since. Mixed Reality is used in just about any and every industry including, manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, healthcare, education, energy, utilities, defense, sports, entertainment, and retail. Not only is the use in different industries impressive. Companywide adoption and use in unique scenarios are fascinating and powerful. Mixed Reality is use in all aspects of business including design, training, remote collaboration, and sales to name a few. Here are the top use cases for Mixed Reality.


As we talk about at length training might be the number one and most popular use case. There are many ways you can apply mixed reality to training throughout an organization. You can implement Mixed Reality to train frontline workers or utilize the technology to train/educate the sales team on the product they are selling. They can be far more complex like use to train professional baseball players on how to pitch. No matter the type of training the use of visual 3D models and the ability to learn by doing is widely successful.

Task instructions and visualization

Mixed Reality brings everything to the user’s field of view. Whether that is task instructions, key data, holograms, or manuals and documents. Users are heads-up and hands-free to work in one fluid motions saving time and reducing errors. Rather than bouncing back and forth between a computer screen users can view a manual and flip to the next page in the flow of work. Work validate becomes easier with the ability to compare by enlarging images or digital twins and you can manipulate the angle you want.

Remote collaboration

Mixed Reality takes traditional remote collaboration using video calls and transforms the term remote collaboration. Mixed Reality enables companies to work together from anywhere. Microsoft HoloLens and Remote Assist shares the user’s field of view and allows remote team members to interact in a true collaborative setting. Remote users/experts can point out specific parts or show which angle a part should be facing like they are there in person.

Design and decision-making

Mixed Reality brings designs to life and allows designers and key decision makers to visualize what the project will look like. This saves valuable time and money from building time-consuming physical models or identifying a design that will not work early in the process.

Sales and customer enablement

Mixed Reality brings design and sketches to life and helps gain buy-in and close deals.