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Top 30 Crypto Movies & Documentaries

Top 30 Crypto Movies & Documentaries

Have you had the itch to watch some movies about crypto? Maybe you like to learn a few things watching crypto documentaries, in either case this list has plenty of stuff to check out that should keep you entertained for quite some time.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (2015)

From the days of bartering in early societies to today’s modern highly-digitized money, this documentary looks at what exactly money means and how Bitcoin could be an alternative to currencies backed by little more than debt. While only coming in at around an hour, this brief yet informative film provides an interesting overview of bitcoin and how it could affect the concept of money in the world today.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

Growing obsessed with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin after discovering it in 2011, a 35-year-old computer programmer takes you on a journey to explore this incredible technology and its impact on the world. Investigate this new technology through various stories from startups, entrepreneurs, and other colorful characters who make up the Bitcoin community together.

Crypto (2014)

If you’re looking for a little fictional crypto action, you may find it with the film Crypto from 2014. A banker becomes involved in an investigation of corruption and fraud after being demoted and transferred back to his hometown. You might enjoy this thriller with some action, drama, and cryptocurrency themes, including crypto mining.

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, And the Future of The Internet (2020)

Award-winning producer/director Torsten Hoffmann takes a closer look at Bitcoin and the evolving blockchain industry. He sets out to explore whether this technology, designed to operate without trust or centralization, can provide a viable alternative to the Internet as we know it. Through interviews with leading experts in the field, Hoffmann uncovers the potential of blockchain technology and its implications for the future.

Where Did Bitcoin Come From? – The True Story (2021)

ColdFusion is a great source for science, technology, history, and business content. It’s an independently run Australian media company that offers calm, relaxed coverage of any and all topics you’re interested in. Where Did Bitcoin Come From explores Bitcoin, where it came from, and why it all matters.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

Trust Machine is a documentary exploring blockchain technology’s potential to change the world for the better. Featuring insights from some of the leading minds in the field, the film covers a wide range of topics related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralization. Whether it’s solving world hunger or income inequality, Trust Machine showcases how this cutting-edge technology can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble (2016)

Explore the exciting world of Bitcoin! Here, people are in control of their own money for the first time ever – no banks or governments are required. But how did this digital form of currency come to be? How does it work? And is it here to stay, or just a passing fad?

Banking On Bitcoin (2009)

Find out about the players who are bringing Bitcoin and blockchain technology into the mainstream. Furthermore, explore the clash between different factions who care about this new technology for their own reasons.

The Bitcoin Gospel (2009)

While early on, Bitcoin was dismissed by many as a novel concept that was unlikely to go anywhere, times have changed as people around the world started to pay attention to this growing enigma. This documentary is a great look into the earlier days of Bitcoin and many of the people that were involved early on and shared Bitcoin with the world.

Hodl – A Bitcoin Short Film (2020)

If you enjoy a comedic short, Hodl is a great little watch, and it’s concerningly relatable to some of us in the cryptocurrency space while also holding a useful lesson or two presented in a fun way. It’s a quick one, but it’s worth your time.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2017)

Magic Money is another interesting documentary exploring the mysterious origins of Bitcoin and the questions still surrounding it alongside its potential roles in society. Will it shape the future in unforeseen ways? Is this the revolution for which we’ve all been waiting?

The Blockchain and Us (2017)

Is the concept of blockchain the modern equivalent of the invention of the airplane? Listen to interviews with software developers, researchers, cryptologists, and many more from a range of places on their thoughts about this intriguing technology. Use this documentary to start a conversation of your own or at least provoke more than a few thoughts on the subject of blockchain.

Deep Web (2015)

While not purely about cryptocurrency, Deep Web covers the story of the well-known Ross Ulbricht, and the Silk Road is one that catches the attention of many. Whatever your thoughts are on the topic, it’s an interesting part of history that is worth understanding.

Banking on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution (2020)

The banking system is something many of us take for granted, but for many people in Africa, this isn’t the case. However, many in the region are turning to cryptocurrency not only as a potential solution but to take back even more control than traditional banking could provide.

CryptoRush (2020)

Have you ever felt confused when trying to understand the key principles involved in cryptocurrency, perhaps Crypto Rush could be the answer. This film attempts to explain crypto in an easy-to-understand way, making it approachable to just about anyone.

Bitcoin Heist (2016)

A film from Vietnam, BItcoin Heist is a fast-paced action film with a comedic twist. If you’re looking for something fun, this one might just be your ticket. Follow special agents taking on a team of thieves and the chaos that ensues.

Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery (2021)

A fantastic documentary film covering the disaster that was QuadrigaCX and its questionable founder Gerald Cotton. It’s got mystery, outrage, and even a few familiar faces you may have seen around the cryptocurrency scene. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a cryptocurrency-related documentary to check out!

Decrypted (2021)

If you’re a fan of dark comedies, you may enjoy Decrypted. The story involves a mismatched NSA team that somehow manages to kidnap the creator of Bitcoin to attempt to gain information to put an end to the cryptocurrency revolution.

NFT (2022)

Also known as CryptoHorrors in some regions, NFT is a movie about a group of friends buying into an NFT collection that just so happens to be cursed. If you’re feeling like some crypto-related horror, this might just be what you should watch.

Agent X the movie (2019)

Agent X is a movie about a former military contractor who has become a secret agent and is sent on a mission. However, things are rarely that easy, and he ends up tangled in a mess involving cryptocurrency, bitcoin mining, and much more.

Virality (2017)

In Virality, four stories intersect with a Bitcoin heist, each involving different characters dealing with their own struggles in a developing society.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (2015)

Looking for a crash course on Bitcoin, money, and cryptocurrency more broadly. Well, check out this one for some insights to help you get up to speed if you’re new to the cryptocurrency scene.

StartUp (2016-2018)

While not a movie or a documentary, this TV show ran for several seasons and has moderately high production values, so if long-form productions are more the thing for you, check out StartUp, where cryptocurrency plays a significant role in the storyline. Better yet, you can likely find this crypto show on Netflix or other streaming platforms in your region.

The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin (2022)

Another interesting documentary exploring the economic impact Bitcoin can have on society, money, and how we exchange value with one another in the future. As the gold standard has begun to feel like stone-age technology, is Bitcoin the way forward?

Monero Means Money: Cryptocurrency 101, Live from Leipzig (2020)

Are you a privacy advocate with an interest in cryptocurrency or someone already excited about the potential for Monero? In either case, this crypto documentary could be a great watch for you. Spend a little time with this one and find out why fungibility matters.

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King (2022)

Another deep dive into the chaos surrounding the QuadrigaCX collapse and its extremely questionable founder. Should you believe everything you hear? Or is there much more to the story than meets the eye?

The Second Target (2019)

If you don’t mind delving into the odd low-budget movie, this cryptocurrency film could be worth your time. Coming with some mixed reactions, it’s likely you’ll either love or hate this one, but why not find out for yourself? In either case, it’s always great to support these sorts of lower-budget adventures in film.

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto (2015)

An attempt to find the ever-mysterious creator of Bitcoin. Have they found the man himself, or is he still just as elusive as ever? While you likely know the answer, sometimes you can still enjoy the journey even if you already know the destination.

The Fakefluencer (2021)

Follow a man looking for answers after a cryptocurrency investment goes wrong. In a mockumentary format, this one is sure to provoke a few laughs and may even feel a little relatable at times if you’ve ever been in the same situation.

Crypto Stew (2019)

There are a few quirky short films where the subject and cryptocurrency, and this is one of them, it’s a pretty light-hearted affair that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it is good for a quick laugh and will only snag a few minutes of your time.

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