September 23, 2023


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Not-for-profits brace for limited funding in upcoming May budget

Not-for-profits brace for limited funding in upcoming May budget

Not-for-profits brace for limited funding in upcoming May budget

Jo Scard, the CEO and founder of lobbying firm Fifty Acres, has suggested that it is unlikely that for-purpose organisations will receive increased funding in the near future. 

Scard has indicated that this advice is based on input from various sources within the Labor government.

“Our agency has been meeting with many ministers and MPs over recent weeks, and the advice seems to be the same; there will won’t be much in the way of new funding in this year’s budget for organisations who are currently lobbying government, however next year, these initiatives will be seriously considered as Labor begins to work towards a surplus, and acts on major budget and tax reform,” Ms Scard said.

Based on Scard’s comments, it appears that there may be limited support for additional funding for organizations that operate with a social or environmental purpose. This advice may be disappointing for those who rely on such funding to sustain their work and achieve their goals.

“Engagement with the government is a journey.  It takes a long time to ensure the intricacies of your cause are known in the corridors of parliament house.  If you plan to continue your lobbying efforts and seek funding or change as part of the 2024/25 budget process, it is time to get started now on a robust government engagement strategy,”  Ms Scard said.

Non-profit organizations, also known as not-for-profit organizations, are an important part of the Australian social and economic landscape. These organizations operate to pursue a specific social, cultural, or environmental goal rather than for the purpose of generating profits.

Some examples of non-profit organizations in Australia include:

Australian Red Cross: This organization is dedicated to providing support to people affected by disasters, conflict, and emergencies. The Red Cross provides a wide range of services, including blood donation, first aid training, and support for refugees and asylum seekers.

Cancer Council Australia: The Cancer Council is dedicated to reducing the impact of cancer on Australian communities through research, prevention, and support services for cancer patients and their families.

The Smith Family: This organization is focused on supporting the education and well-being of disadvantaged children in Australia. The Smith Family provides a range of programs and services, including mentoring, tutoring, and financial assistance for families in need.

Beyond Blue: Beyond Blue is a national organization dedicated to promoting mental health and preventing suicide. The organization provides support services, resources, and advocacy for people affected by mental health issues.

Australian Conservation Foundation: This organization is committed to protecting and restoring the natural environment in Australia. The Australian Conservation Foundation advocates for policies and practices that promote sustainability, conservation, and climate action.

While the reasons for this lack of support are not clear, it is possible that other priorities or funding constraints may be influencing the decision. 

. The May budget is the most important budget announcement, as it sets out the government’s financial plans for the year ahead.

The May budget is typically announced in the second week of May, and is closely watched by businesses, investors, and the general public.

The budget outlines the government’s planned expenditure on key areas such as health, education, infrastructure, defense, and social welfare. It also includes projections for revenue sources, such as taxes and fees, and the government’s plans for managing the country’s debt and deficit.

“We were privileged to recently help our client who works in youth mental health to host a dynamic event within parliament, attracting 60 ministers,  MPs and senators to hear about their cause.  These sorts of events raise your profile, make influential connections and progress your cause. ,”  Ms Scard said.

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