July 20, 2024


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Boost Your Writing Productivity with A.I.

Boost Your Writing Productivity with A.I.

Boost Your Writing Productivity with A.I. - 10x Your Freelance Writing Income

In accordance to the US Bureau of Labor, we are generating 8 instances extra merchandise and solutions than 100 years in the past. Which usually means we are 800% more effective. 

Why does that make any difference? 

The acceleration of know-how because the industrial revolution has delivered us with the resources to do a good deal additional with considerably less. And that could direct to performing 1 hour as an alternative of 8 hours and even now building the exact same cash flow.

Would not it be pleasant to clock off and go property, pat the doggy, have a beer and then view Netflix for the up coming 8 hours ahead of grabbing a bit of shuteye?

But it has not pretty worked like that.

Most of us have develop into distracted by the eye sweet and temptation of buying and possessing the wrappings of our contemporary shopper modern society. The additional we earn the much more we expend. We have ended up investing additional leisure time for much more stuff.  

The “Nirvana’ of a lot more Netflix and sofa loafing has been traded for a lot more trendy sneakers. 

Lazy or wise?

But what if you needed to do very small?  

That’s identified as becoming lazy in most of the western world. And…is that completely wrong?

The French are really astute. Some of them are actively lazy. Picking out leisure time and a reduce retirement age over the capitalists’ normally stated and seemingly spiritual mantra of hyper-efficiency and a manic 24/7 way of living and get the job done right up until you die! 

According to the New York Instances “The statistical tables offer you a person startling solution. Nevertheless the mixture productivity of French workers is slightly lessen than that of American personnel, it is substantially higher than that of their European peers. In actuality, it is greater than the G7 average”. So, it’s possible that is wise. 

Offer it all and examine?  

Some new pals of mine have their personal get on lifestyle. Provide every thing and reside off your financial commitment and discounts even though discovering the globe. Probably dying poor is not a terrible detail.

What’s the very best possibility?

I think the truth lies somewhere in the center. 

Probably we could be lazy and good. Is the emergence of a planet-altering instrument like the generative AI system ChatGPT the response that lets you to leverage know-how and creativity in the identical sentence?

It raises another dilemma. 

What if I could do some thing that I genuinely really like carrying out, like writing…but do it with strong technology that receives it accomplished a lot quicker and makes it possible for me to wrap in my possess creativity and opens up my imagination? 


It pays for my lifestyle, presents me reason and places a smile on the inside of. For a writer that could indicate using ChatGPT.  

Has the author now been changed by a robot?

The arrival of generative AI to make penned written content with tools such as Chat GPT is found by some as the conclude of human creating.

I see it a lot more as amplifying output and unleashing creative imagination as it does the mundane pieces for you.

ChatGPT enables far more time for us to check out the brain-bending creativity of pushing the edges of what human beings are capable of. The “out of the box” twists of creativeness of the homo sapien who a robotic would look at as perhaps insane. 

What can AI do?

Many points but not every little thing.

AI lets us to split the mildew of chilly and previous combinations into new fascinating mixtures that our earlier wondering is frozen by. It also allows us to scale and amplify written content development.

AI can be an old thinking box breaker, not a ball breaker.  

What cannot AI do?

I have just finished reading “Portnoy’s Complaint” by Phil Roth (who is viewed as by a lot of to be a person of America’s greatest writers) and I have in no way noticed a writer so brave, raw and innovative. No robot can exchange that genius. His creating is prepared from the fire of painful experience born out of ache and enjoyment. 

Storytelling wrapped in creative producing that occurs from the furnace of everyday living is not a position description for robots. Because…they haven’t long gone by way of a divorce.   

So how can a author use AI to 10x their output and profits?

In the field of informational and nonfiction producing we require information and information. ChatGPT is Google on steroids and considerably extra. 

Here are some essential techniques and recommendations to publish content material 10 times more quickly with AI, and amplify your Freelance creating online aspect hustle profits at the identical time.

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Measures to 10X your producing productivity (and revenue)

Most written content and freelance writers use Google to present the facts.  

  1. Produce the headline and subject and talk to ChatGPT to develop a listing of subtopics or a checklist. Often it will automatically create a record that will do that.
  2. Then question it to generate a paragraph or two for every single subtopic or just ask for 300 words and phrases. 
  3. Wrap the raw info in your very own creativeness. Possibly get started with a story and conclude it with your have insights and summary.  
  4. Make certain you examine the facts as it is still a raw and imperfect device. Get onto Google and validate.
  5. Ask AI to compose 10 various headlines for the matter. You will be amazed how very good they can be.  
  6. Edit the post. The spelling will be excellent but double-check any information. 
  7. Publish it on your web site (or if you are a freelance author on your client’s web site).
  8. Share it on your weblog and on social media.

Just these methods alone and employing Chat GPT will empower you to generate a site article in under 30 minutes as a substitute of several hours.

The future degree

If you want to go outside of escalating your productiveness by 10x then there is an additional level. 

Hire 10 writers to publish for you and give them the rules as described above. Then, enable them free. That could scale your productivity by a further 10 moments.

Let us go further

Right here is what AI could also do for you as a author to incorporate another dimension.

Unleash it to do the following:

  1. Determine composing plans and KPIs: Determine your concentrate on audience, crafting style, and what you want to obtain.
  2. Implement AI tools to study and assemble details: Use AI-driven exploration instruments to immediately and competently acquire information and facts on your topic.
  3. Invoke AI composing assistants: AI creating assistants can aid with producing thoughts, outlining your content, and even crafting whole paragraphs.
  4. Utilize AI editors and proofreaders: Use AI editors to check your writing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling problems, and to strengthen your writing style.
  5. Permit AI improve your crafting for research engines: Use AI-driven Search engine optimisation tools to enhance your producing for research engines and increase visibility.
  6. Automate articles distribution: Use AI-powered articles distribution instruments to automate the course of action of publishing and sharing your composing throughout numerous platforms.
  7. Review and monitor your outcomes: Use AI analytics instruments to keep track of the success of your producing and make info-pushed conclusions to enhance.
  8. Continuously boost with AI feedback: Use AI suggestions to continuously enhance your composing fashion, composition, and information to increase your productiveness and profits.

Doom and gloom or option? 

In the early 1800s, the weaving ability looms diminished the demand from customers for qualified handweavers, at first triggering lessened wages and unemployment. Protests adopted their introduction. In 1816 two thousand rioting cotton weavers tried using to demolish energy loom mills and stoned the workers.

But…in the lengthier term, by building fabric additional cost-effective the electricity loom elevated need and stimulated exports, producing development in industrial work.

In the 1960s the invention of the calculator was predicted to direct to a catastrophe. The mathematicians didn’t go on strike, we can nevertheless insert up (working with our smartphone calculator) and Armageddon didn’t materialize.  

Generative AI that expands our horizons and efficiency is to be embraced and welcomed. The genie is out of the box. Never be worried, evolve. Alter is inescapable.   

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