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A New Generation of Decentralized Platforms

A New Generation of Decentralized Platforms

Risebit is a blockchain-based investment platform enabling users to generate returns safely and reliably. Users can choose from different investment plans according to their portfolios and strategies. Moreover, they can be part of an entirely community-centered platform where all members have a say in project decisions.

Some of the Risebit services include a decentralized crypto exchange, a lending platform, launchpads, staking, and BUSD investment pools. Risebit has reached its token presales in just half an hour and scheduled the official presale on November 21 on Unicrypt.

This Risebit review looks closely at one of the most recent investment-focused projects to hit the market. Read on to discover more about its products and roadmap!

What is Risebit?

Risebit is a fully-decentralized platform running on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It uses decentralized technologies to provide a transparent and secure investment system. Moreover, it allows users to trace all transactions occurring on the platform.

The project has ambitious plans to become a multi-chain investment platform. At that point, Risebit will run on BNB Chain, Polygon, Avax, and the Ethereum networks. Furthermore, it seeks to enhance its products and services to include mining, flexible staking, and a decentralized or centralized investment fund. The platform will also feature decentralized lending and borrowing services in its final stage.

Fueling the Risebit ecosystem is a governance token, Risecoin (RSC), developed on the Binance Smart Chain. This token comes with a 3% tax that the system distributes as follows:

  • 2% goes to the owners of the black cryptographic cards of Risebit’s signature program.
  • 1% goes to advisors and development.

Risebit has set a maximum supply of 100,000,000 RSC tokens. Moreover, it has established several use cases for the token, including governance applied to investment, staking pools, discounts in the loan system, and access to the launchpad and NFT market.

Risebit Core Products

Risebit has a rich offer of products and solutions for all investors, regardless of experience. Here are the most important ones:

An Advanced Decentralized Exchange

Risebit is offering a decentralized exchange based on intelligent arbitrage. The platform provides this exchange system that analyzes prices between the various major decentralized exchanges in its ecosystem. This allows users to always get the best exchange rate transparently and securely.

The Risebit exchange runs on the Binance Smart Chain. However, it aims to develop into a multi-chain product, incorporating other networks, such as Ethereum, Avax, Polygon, and Moonbeam. Currently, the platform works with Biswap, Apeswap, and PancakeSwap. Moreover, it supports around 40 tokens while allowing the import of new contracts. The team confirmed it would soon add new exchanges to make the analytics system more efficient.

A Lending Platform

Risebit proposes a Lending and Borrow system that offers 100% decentralized lending. Anyone can use it to borrow BUSD at lower interest rates than traditional systems provide. Furthermore, they can enjoy comfortable installments while using multiple crypto assets for collateral. For instance, they can choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ada, Polkadot, Avax, Solana, and others.

Paying back a loan is possible in full or in installments. The user will receive its equivalent in collateral for each paid installment. Consequently, returning the entire loan will automatically send back the whole collateral to the loanee.

Risebit’s smart contract will protect liquidity by establishing a settlement price. Suppose the value of the collateral decreases to that specific price. In that case, the platform’s oracle system sells the collateral and reestablishes liquidity. This amount includes the taxes associated with the loan.

Lastly, Risebit will redistribute loan fees as follows:

  • BNB Miner – 30% in BNB
  • BUSD Miner – 30% in BUSD
  • Lending Liquidity – 20% in BUSD
  • Marketing – 10% in BUSD
  • Development – 10% in BUSD

Governance applied to investment

Risebit applies a particular governance system to investments, empowering Risebit token holders to have a say in the platform’s development. This way, investors can participate in making important decisions besides managing their portfolios.

Risebit’s risk analysis team will also evaluate projects in their early stages. They will determine their viability depending on tokenomics, liquidity, security audits, and the development teams’ KYC. Furthermore, it will audit their smart contracts to determine if they are truly secure and decentralized.

Projects must pass successfully through these stages before getting listed on the platform. From there on, users can choose which projects Risebit should fund.

Voting for a project will take between 7 and 15 days. During this period, users can burn Risecoin tokens to participate. In return, they can earn voting rewards according to their level of participation. The more involved they are, the higher the rewards will be.

The platform allows all voters to see the winning project, which Risebit will fund using the capital in the investment wallet.

Once the winning project has been chosen, the voting will be paused, and users can see which project was selected. If and when Risebit takes to profit from winning projects, it will inject it into BUSD/BNB as follows:

  • Elected Project – 50% in  BUSD
  • Investment Wallet – 25% in BUSD
  • Lending/Smart Contract – 5% in BUSD
  • BNB Miner – 5% in BNB
  • BUSD Miner – 10% in BUSD
  • Voted Projects – 5% in BUSD

BUSD Investment

Another product in Risebit’s versatile offer is its fully decentralized investment system. Regardless of experience or skill, anyone can use it easily to generate wealth. This system includes 3 investment plans producing different interest rates depending on the investor’s choice:


This plan generates a 1% daily return and has an entry fee of only 5% of the initial investment. Moreover, it features a claim fee of 5%, and users can make a claim once every 7 days.


Users can opt for this plan generating a 1.5% daily return and having an entry fee of 7% of the initial investment. Also, they can make a claim once every 14 days for a claim fee of 7%.


This plan generates a 2% daily return and has an entry fee of 10% of the initial investment. Users can only make a claim once every 28 days and pay a claim fee of 10%.

Risebit allows users to compound once a day, and they can accrue substantial gains due to the significant power of compound interest.

BUSD investment Features

The platform’s BUSD investment system has the following features:

Investors can only compound a maximum of 200% of the initial investment. Furthermore, users can only claim a maximum reward of 200% of their investment balance.

Investors must activate their plans whenever these reach their respective claim stages. Only this way can they continue to generate rewards. Activation deducts 2.5% (Basic), 3.5% (Premium), and 5% (VIP) of their investment balance.

Risebit ensures the ecosystem’s sustainability by offering miners several feeding mechanisms. For example, they can get 40% of the volume collected from 10 black cryptographic cards, the investment applied to governance. Lastly, the lending and borrowing system will inject liquidity to miners.

Investors can generate rewards according to the plan they choose. Meanwhile, the system blocks their balances, so they can only claim rewards through their investment balance. Additionally, they can compound interest to potentially increase their rewards or make a claim to withdraw them. However, they must remember that compounding involves a fee of 5% of the accumulated rewards when starting this process.

Lastly, Risebit makes compounding interest easy, even for newcomers. For instance, the mobile application automatically estimates the annual profit whenever a user enters an investment amount.

Risebit Roadmap

Risebit has hit the ground running from the early stages of development. So far, the project has launched the mainnet for the investment platform on BNB Chain. This followed the successful launch of the testnet for the same core product. Furthermore, the platform increased its popularity on social media and released a mobile app available for Android users.

Regarding security, Risebit has already obtained a successful audit from Solidproof, one of the industry’s top auditors. Also, its team has passed the KYC procedures with the same company, thus verifying the reliability and intentions of the project’s developers.

According to the Risebit whitepaper, other important milestones include:

  • Integration of NFT Land Miners
  • Integration of NFT Miners
  • Black Card Signature Program

Currently, the team is working to develop the other core products, including BUSD investment, staking, governance, DEX, and the Lending and Borrowing system. Later down the road, Risebit should make its investment platform available on other blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Avax, and Polygon.

Final Thoughts

Risebit is an up-and-coming investment platform with several innovative products. Its decentralized exchange based on intelligent arbitrage should attract investors looking for convenient exchange rates.

The platform proposes a community-centered approach to investment by empowering its users with an advanced governance system applied to their investments. This system helps increase the chances of producing significant rewards through Risebit’s versatile investment plans.

Lastly, the project’s integration of NFTs and expansion to other blockchains paint a promising future for its long-term development. For more information about Risebit, follow the links below: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord.

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